We have had customers call with strange issues and errors happening with their machinery during hot summer days.  These issues were related to control heat buildup – and overheating inside the machine Magnetics control cabinet. All of these have been customers that do not have AC temperature controlled shops.

Remember that these computer controls are not built to work in excessive heat, no computer or electronic parts can be placed in high heat and then be expected to work reliably. The heat inside the control cabinet can be +20 or +50 degrees higher than your shop temperature.  Many customers have clogged air filters or no filter at all.

R33-Filter:  3 x 3” Replacement Filter for magnetics or control cabinet 4 pack: …         $25.00

R21i control quotes, offer optional magnetics cabinet temperature controlling items: 

Mechanical (fan type) or AC heat exchanger installed in your machine tool cabinetry. 

You can purchase a new heat exchanger for your existing M400 cabinet. Remedy offers a

fan based heat exchanger that can be installed into your existing magnetics cabinet.  This unit requires cutting a large rectangular slot into the control door and power connections.


  • R-AC1:  We have multiple AC units available with pricing from …$ 2,600. to $ 3,200.00 Pricing includes connection information and hardware
  • R-HX1: We have multiple Fan heat exchanger units available with pricing from  …$ 1,600. to $3,200.

  What can you do if you don’t have this option:

  • Cool your shop – Window AC units.  This will be good for you and your machinery!

Next option is to cool your equipment is a safe and logical way.  Your safety and that of your employees is paramount and all safety measures are your responsibility to set up and control.

1) First –  Keep all control fan filters clean and allow good air to flow into and out of your control.

Warning    – Before considering the hint below –    Warning !

YOU agree that you are doing this at your own risk and you take complete responsibility for you, all employee and your visitors safety!

1) Set up Safety Cones – minimum 5 foot area and with safety tape – Hazard do not Cross or Enter.

2) Open the back Magnetics cabinet door.  Lock the door in an open position with a bungee cord.

  • Place a sign – -“ Danger electrical hazard area”.

3) Energize the machine with the door still open. YOU have to bypass the safety switch !

  • You can call Remedy @ N/C for directions.

4) Place a large fan directed at the Magnetics cabinet box and turn it on.  Make sure that the fan is far enough back that it cannot fall into or inside this cabinet – as damage and/or electrocution harm can/will result.

5) Keep the fan running all the time that the machine is on.

This method has proven to be helpful in the past, when we experienced these heat issues.

I trust you will find this information helpful.  Safety is paramount – follow all of these and any additional safety procedures that you feel are appropriate.