Classic Centroid Control Repairs by REMEDY

When you have a Sick Control, We have the Remedy for you!

Remedy has been selling and servicing Centroid and multiple other brands of PC based CNC Controls for over 30 years.  We are a private and independent service provider.   If your machine is in warranty,  then call your dealer or call Centroid (814) 353-9290 directly.   

Remedy, Specializing in PC Based Control Repairs

We have the proven experience and the technology to complete repairs on Centroid, Bridgeport, Anilam and many other PC based Controls. We have been helping our members for many years with established proven procedures that will expedite your repair. We live in challenging economic times and we understand that the down time of your control is costly. We strive to have the best turnaround time for your repair. We will quickly evaluate your control to find the problem.  If your parts are not in stock, we will order them and use expedited shipment to us.  We will install the parts needed, and completely test your system on our test stand.  We will Invoice you for payment and after payment is received, we will ship the control back to you.

Centroid Repairs Membership

As you become a member of our service and support  website.   Your membership purchase enables you to enter our private members only section of our site.   You will be provided a personalized password with your purchase and our onetime membership charge of $ 300.00 for each customer.

You will then have access to a vast amount of Remedy Technical information that has been researched and compiled during our 35 years of building, servicing and supporting Centroid controls and machinery.   You will also find pricing for repairs, parts, control options and custom repair items for your Remedy, Atrump, Millport, MSC, Grizzly, Wells Index, EMI, Cleveland, Babin and many other Centroid controlled machine tools.

We support and repair Centroid control models M4 to M400 including all DOS, Linux and windows versions.  We have the upgrades that you may require, want or need.

No Acorn control support is offered at this time.

Sending a control for repairs without a Subscription

We Repair all PC Based controls:

Centroid M4 to M400 and Rotary table/indexer controls. Bridgeport, Anilam and more !

  1. AC Chiller for Mag Cabinet
  2. DIY Service & Technical Bulletins
  3. Replace Motherboard batteries
  4. Adjusting Backlash DXF File Software
  5. Replace your Floppy w- USB
  6. ATC Repairs
  7. Engraving Rotary Indexer & 4th Axis repairs
  8. Backup your system
  9. Hard Drive Recovery & SSDD
  10. Spindle Bearing Repairs
  11. Draw bar Springs
  12. Ball Screw Repairs
  13. Inverter Repairs
  14. Spindle Chiller Repairs (Mill-Lathe)
  15. Centroid Operators Manuals
  16. 10.4” LCD Repairs M15 & M400
  17. Training On-Site or Video
  18. Coolant Skimmer Machine
  19. Maintenance schedules
  20. Tooling
  21. Programmable Flushing ring
  22. Manuals Centroid Control purchases
  23. Upgrade from Linux to windows
  24. Control Mounting arms
  25. Motors Axis New or Repairs
  26. (Delta-SEM) Upgrade Hardware items
  27. Control Schematic Purchases
  28. MPG Box Repairs – New MPG Box options
  29. Upgrade Software and Options
  30. Custom Macro’s
  31. Power Draw Bar New-Repairs
  32. Way Cover Repairs (New or Repairs)
  33. Custom PLC Programming
  34. Repair & Payment Policy
  35. Used Machinery
  36. Replacement Heads

More items will be added as requested and our technology improves to support you better.

Remedy R21i Machinery ... w/Centroid Software

We Offer Repairs And Builds With Our R21i Control Hardware With Centroid Software

remedy r21i centroid control

We offer new and used machines featuring our R21i Centroid Controls.  View our options below.

Used Machinery

Our used machinery is posted both on “Craigslist/philadelphia” and “” websites. 
This is because this is how we can keep our used machinery listings up to date.
We also have new machinery listed at the website.

(1.) Acorn Controls

All Acorn Centroid Control support comes directly from Centroid or your dealer !
We are not offering any technical or phone support to these controls at this time. 9-21
We recommend that you follow the technical support forums on
We do not build with or integrate Acorn Controls onto any machinery at this time.
Please do not call or email us with any request for Acorn Control assistance.