Welcome to CentroidRepairs.com ®.  (CR) is a support and repairs company for Centroid & PC based control repairs.   These directions will streamline and simplify the process for all customers in our repair process.

Sending Us A Repair - Required Paperwork

Remedy and CR is a Master Centroid Dealer and has been selling and servicing Centroid controls since 1995.  We have the experience to repair the most difficult PC issues and we will complete them in a timely manner providing you a cost effective service choice.

If a repair is not the correct decision, we will offer a control upgrade, or new machine tool from our Remedy Machine Sales® website – – Remedymills.com

Please follow the steps listed below that will streamline your repair.
It is our policy to keep you informed during your repair either by phone, email or both.

We must examine your system before we can estimate repair costs.   The evaluation fee of $350.00 is charged if you do not want your repair completed.  This covers dis-assembly testing and re-assembly of your control.  Also, if you have us complete the repair, it is worked into your repair bill as this labor is already completed.

Payment terms: Payment in full before we return ship your control.
   a) We prefer a Company check payment via Mail or overnight delivery

We fix new and old controls, we stock many parts however if your PC is very old.  We can not stock many of these older items.   Many parts are no longer made, sometimes the same part number is not the same internal part, thus not an exact replacement to your old part.  Then we will test, re-engineer and modify these parts to work with your old control.

Testing, we have built a Centroid Control test stand which is pictured at our repair facility pages of this site.  We test every control live for 8 hours and/or up to 5 days as we deem needed.  Testing your control on our shaker table, driving axis motors, checking limit switches, coolant, spindle and other outputs.  We always video these tests to provide proof that your control is fully operational, we can also (iPhone) video chat with you for you to see the repairs are complete.

Call us to review your needs and we will review all of the details with you.

Unauthorized shipments / Unexpected control arrivals

If you send a control to us and it arrives without the correct paperwork or RMA number and/or if we do not have your customer information on file, then you will be charged the Non-registered customer pricing.

Next, we will do a Phone Registration with you before any repair is started.  Meaning we will contact you by phone, we will fill out the customer data forms at that time; completing your registration will start your service relationship with Remedy.
This phone registration cost of $450.00 will be added to your repair invoice