Our Service Center is equipped with all of the state of the art equipment required for us to do the all of the difficult repairs that others can’t ! We strongly recommend that you only use experienced professionals to repair your valuable control. Send your PC to our fully equipped facility with the proven experience to do the job correctly the first time.

Garage and/or basement repair guys are not the cheaper answer. We are often asked to fix the attempted fix from a hacker. Usually this is more expensive than if you had sent it to us first. Sometimes parts are damaged beyond repair and this sends us on a search for used parts for you. Older parts are hard to find and are very expensive. You can see examples of this in other sections.

Remedy is a Master Centroid dealer, selling and servicing Centroid and other PC based controls
for over 35 years. Do mess with the rest – Remedy is the BEST !

When you have a sick control – We have a Remedy for you.