Directions – Shipping Your Centroid Control for Repair 7-2021

YOUR RMA & Kit number MUST be on the shipping label ……
Contact us for your RMA # ……….. Before shipping anything to us.

Centroid Kit #:_K__4-6 digits__  This (K) Kit number is on every Centroid control and is required information.
This serial number is your system ID and this is the reference number we will use to follow your repairs and keep your history records.

Required Packaging directions:
a) Pack it – Secure & Professionally- Insure the shipping to us for Minimum …. $ 2,500.00
b) Cover the LCD Monitor glass with a thick piece of cardboard. (Use Blue painters tape)
c) Bubble pack only -fill the box completely. NO Packing Peanuts –EVER !(See why Below)
d) Ship the entire control, we need the entire control to test it.(See Pictures Below)
e) Please provide a written list of the problems, the name and phone number of the operator,
as we may have questions about the errors you are having. DOWNLOAD FORM

Repair Policy’s:
a) Payment in full, before we will return ship the unit to you.
b) We charge a $250.00 evaluation fee. Minimum Charge, if you decide not to repair the unit.
c) We will provide you with a verbal or written repair estimate before ordering parts.
b&c Important Notes: We could find hidden problems that will change this estimate.
d) We will continue only when we receive your approval to proceed with the repair.
e) We cannot stock all older parts. We order replacement parts, receive then, install them
and bench test all controls before we return them to you.

Standard Payment Terms:
Payment in full, before the control is returned shipped to you.

Packaging notes:
1) Your RMA Number MUST be on the package or processing delays will be incurred.
2) Proper packing “No peanuts” or delays will be incurred.
POLICY – We will not open packages at our Service Lab. when peanuts are found.
Packages arriving with peanuts are taken to our warehouse ½ hour away, opened,
peanuts removed, control cleaned, static energy grounded and then returned to our lab to start your service evaluation.  Expect a 2-4 day delay.

NO Peanuts EVER:  1) The Mess   2) Possible Static electricity damage to your control.
3) The peanut partials (mess and floating particles) could negatively affect other control
repairs in process, and/or could cause instrumentation errors at our service center.

Shipping loss and Insurance:
There is little help we can offer, if your control is lost by your shipping agent.
If it arrives damaged – your insurance coverage must cover the additional repairs! We will inform you ASAP/same day that your unit arrives if damaged, and it is your responsibility to contact the shipper and collect for this damage.
We refuse to be responsible in any way for ANY inbound shipping loss or damage.

ALL Control repairs We need your complete control so that we can bench test the
assembly and make sure that everything is working before we return it to you.
See the pictures below.

Please respect our established procedures and policy’s

We will not service any control that has a past due invoice to Centroid or any Dealer.
We will provide you a RMA Number, so your repair can be tracked and that we can quickly
access your service activity and history.
We are the largest Centroid board level technical repair service center in the USA.
We have multiple units arriving weekly; we are a high volume service center, our policies
have been established to serve you better and so that we process repairs quickly.
We service Centroid and many other PC based CNC Controls.

If we do not get everything we requested from you at the start, your service will be delayed!