This is our Centroid CNC control repair test stand so we can live test all Control repairs.

We live test every control we repair for multiple hours, so we can assure our customers that the repair is correct and working properly. It has proven to be great addition to our facility; as it can easily find a simple problem or loose connection.

Our timer cycles the control on and off every 10 minutes, for as many hours as we test your system. Or we can just leave the control on for a long term heat test.

During testing we will see the 3 motors (XYZ) move. Testing the drive outputs on you control and confirming drives and encoder feedback pulses are being processed correctly.

Limit switches for XYZW can be checked and tested so we can assure that this section of the control is working correctly.

The spindle motor circuit tests the relays as we can watch the small fan activate. We can see that the fan spin in either direction emulating the spindle motor CW and CCW command.

Every Centroid control repair will have a report & video of the control being tested to assure our customers that the control was fully operational before it was returned to you.