Repair Procedure:

We provide telephone and e-mail technical support ONLY Registered customers on a prepaid time and expense basis.  Our registration and purchase support links are below and this is the way registered customers can receive any service help from our service team. 

Phone Help:  Registered customers only:  We will discuss and evaluate your control and/or machine issues and problems.  Often this can be a simple (5) minute or less phone consultation.  If we can complete your repair issue in this time, we will gladly do this at no charge.  Should you need more in-depth assistance or a second call is needed to us, you will need to buy and pay for these phone services. 

Phone service rates:  Block of time is 1 hour offers up to 3 service calls: …………     $ 250.00

On site repairs:

We only offer on-site control and Machine tool repairs in: NJ, Delaware, Eastern PA and Maryland.

We can recommend a Centroid certified service representative to subscribers.

Required RMA #

Sending controls to us for repair: We service Registered customers only!

Everyone must get a RMA Number from us. (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) BEFORE sending any control or parts to us for repair.  We will then have a repair ticket opened and ready. When we are expecting your control shipment we can better serve you.  We need to have a written list of issues to help you better.

How to find your Centroid kit number

Unauthorized shipments / Unexpected control arrivals. 

If you ship us a control and it arrives without a RMA number and/or we do not have your customer subscription ID and kit number on file.   We will call you and build your customer information and customer data file on the phone with you.

You will be charged the Non registered customer assistance fee of $ 400.00 before your evaluation is started.

Service Rates & Policy’s

Everyone wants to know how much a repair will cost before we start.  Most often we can provide a good estimate

only after we open and examine your control.  It is impossible to guess any repair before we have your unit on our test bench.  There are times that unseen damage appears only after we have started your repair.  This is when our estimated cost will change.  We will always email or call you with notice of the new findings.

Service rates:

Evaluation fee ……….     $ 250.00

Registered customers, review documentation, bench evaluate the damage, contact you with our findings and repair estimate for approval to start.  Should you choose not to have us repair your control at this time, we will rebuild the unit and ship it back to you at your cost of $ 250.00 plus shipping.

Bench service time:  ….Labor…. $ 300.00 per hour, plus all parts and materials.

Return Shipping:  Actual UPS Shipping cost plus $ 50.00 packing and delivery to UPS.  We are not a UPS shipping center and we have to bring your control to the local UPS Center.

See policy Item 9 below.   

Payment Terms: 100% Payment received, before return shipping is started.

Remedy Service Policy’s

  1. We only service registered customers who are in good standing with Remedy, Centroid and the Centroid dealer network. We provide customer services by our choice and only customers in good standing will be welcome.
  2. No walk in service.  Any customer wishing to hand deliver their control to us can do so only by appointment. Appointment and delivery address will be provided to you so your delivery is smooth and a team member can meet you, check paperwork, sign in and accept your control.
  3. We will attempt to get your evaluation completed the day your control arrives at our repair facility.  Arrival before 1 PM is usually needed.
  4. Unexpected control units arriving at our facility will not be inspected until and after all proper paperwork has been received at our facility.  This will cause delays for your repair.
  5. All inbound shipments of controls will be shipped in the Original Centroid box and packing, or will be packaged in a professional way to eliminate and prevent shipping damage.  We have found the strongest box’sare available from U-Haul and onlyuse bubble wrap packing –NEVER use packing peanuts (See Packing Peanuts: No Never — below)
  6. Any and all inbound shipping damage is completely at the cost of the shipping customer.  We will document the damage with pictures and in writing at the time of receipt.  You will have to contact your shipping agent for compensation for this damage.
    1. In short – we will not collect for any inbound damage in any way.
    2. We will not start on or do any repairs until we have your written approval to start and that you understand that you are responsible for all additional repair charges.
  7. We will place Remedy contact identification labels on your control.     Repaired by Remedy Centroid kit numbers are very small and hard to read Kit Number K***** This easy to read label will be very helpful to you in the future  215-540-0404 should you ever need to call us again.
  8. Shipping agents: We prefer all inbound shipping is done by UPS or Fed-EX.  Our experience has proven that these companies have the best tracking and safety procedures.  USPS & DHL shipments are slow and it is very difficult for you to track or collect for damage.  We will return ship you control by UPS in most cases.
  9. Return Shipping –No UPS customer account numbers can be used.  This is because the UPS Store does not offer this option to us.    If your package arrives with a Prepaid UPS Label we can try to use it for you. This is a UPS policy – not a Remedy controlled item.

Packing Peanuts: No NEVER! Do not ship your control with packing Peanuts.

NO Peanuts EVER:1) The Mess   2) Possible Static electricity damage to your control.  3) The peanut partials (mess and floating particles) could negatively affect other control repairs in process, and can cause Other center instrumentation errors.

We cannot have Peanuts in our Service Lab.  If found, your package will be taken to our warehouse ½ hour away to be unpacked.  Only then, can we return your control to our lab and start your control evaluation.  Additional charges will apply.

This can/will take a few days to be completed because we have other work scheduled. 

We will re-pack all peanuts into HD static resistant plastic bags, tape the bags closed, then repack your repaired control and return ship your control. 

(This way the peanuts cannot cause static damage or get inside your repaired control.)

We do not want your packing peanuts here and we will not put them in the garbage!  You will have 2 packages returned (1 Control & 2 Peanuts) at additional packing & shipping costs to you.