Remedy R21i Control Version 2021 Highlights

3 and/or 4 Axis Control with Centroid Software 9-15-21

Remedy R21i Controls:
You get More with our Remedy R21i CNC Control starting with our new operator friendly Ergonomic Design.

  • Low heat 24V AC operation – our Solid State Memory provides superior reliability with no moving parts.
  • Centroid Easy to use Conversational Programming that creates and runs Fanuc G-Code programs or run programs from your CAD-CAM System – Fan less and dust sealed Industrial PC – Easy to access service layout for easier service –  3 or 4 Axis systems with Centroid Software  –  2 year warranty including parts and labor!

The R21i controls are designed with more features to handle rough shop environments.

  1. Our Control face, our Jog panel is mounted on the left side, this is ergonomically better, now the jog panel is closer to the machine tool and is in a better working position for the operator.
  2. Professional grade 24 volt LCD, in both our 15 and 19 inch R21i controls.
    Not a touch screen – reducing oily finger double hit issues. (Touch screens are optional)
  3. Large and deep control cabinet has easy change, filtered fan inflow and filtered exhaust.
  4. A huge 20 or 25” control cabinet,  the rear door (Gasket Sealed) providing easy component access if maintenance is ever needed.  All Components can be easily removed for service or easy swap out, providing better uptime.
  5. HDMI Connection from the PC to LCD provides you a fast and crystal clear LCD display.
  6. External USB ports (2) have caps to keep them clean, additional USB and COM ports are available.

Magnetics cabinet.

  1.  Designed with Switching to ground technology.  This design is used in all modern controls and it is preferred as it protects sensitive electronic circuitry and our breakers provide easily reset circuitry protection.
  2. All of our control wire connections have ferrules;  this improves contact and greatly reduces future loose wire issues.
  3. All wires and all terminal blocks are color coded to UL standards, additionally these are listed on our schematics.
  4. All Breakers – no fuses inside our control – very easy to reset – no down time testing fuses or looking for a fuse.
  5. The input power high leg is isolated.  All high leg wires and connection blocks are RED so they are easily followed.  
  6. The high leg position is labeled on the machine and schematic.
  7. 24 Volt Power Supply with all AC operation, no AC to DC conversions reducing the transformer size and heat issues.
  8. Safety Relay with forced closure: this is a major control improvement as the contactor cannot get stuck at/or in the “On” position causing component damage or a operator safety issue.
  9. Centroid OAK Drive now has external relays and breakers – this protects this expensive and important component from potential short circuit damage.
  10. Components are mounted on DIN rails – making them easily removed.
  11. All of our color coded wires are numbered labeled on both ends in the control and numbered on your schematic.
  12. Reverse flow Fan cooling with easy change Filters.  Filters are on both inflow and exhaust. (Optional AC Cooler)

Drive Protections:

  1. Independent X,Y,Z Drives (Delta/Yaskawa models) and we install a surge suppressor and a noise filter on each axis.
  2. Our magnetics cabinet is larger and machine tool side mounted, easy access for service and the machine can be placed closer to a rear wall for better shop floor utilization.
  3. We have added a breaker in the spindle breaking resister circuit – providing Spindle Inverter protection to this very expensive component.

Spend less time programming and more time machining
with a “R21i built by Remedy for the 21st Century”

Centroid has been building CNC Mill and Lathe Controls in Howard, PA for over 30 years. Now available is the Remedy R21i Industrial control built by Remedy for our Industrial Machine tool applications and it is the only Centroid Control offered on Remedy Machine Tools.  The name indicates R for Remedy, year new of 2021+, Windows Industrial operational software, and rugged Industrial hardware for extended reliability. Remedy CNC controls are heavy duty industrial controls built for reliability and endurance and to offer years of hassle free operation. We use only industrial grade Computer hardware that is designed for the harsh environment’s that are found in shops and factories. We provide a complete 2 year parts and labor warranty on all “R21i by Remedy controls!


Aaeon Boxer-6600 industrial hardened PC is at the heart of our control. It has a high speed processor with fast boot up and a simple design. Our control processor is securely mounted in a heavy duty cast industrial housing with aluminum fins improving heat dissipation; this HD build creates a stable foundation and improves shock resistance from the cutting operations of the machine tool. 24 Volt operation means – Extremely low power consumption and this reduces or eliminates heat in the PC control housing for longer life.

The R21i CNC Control box has reverse flow fans and exhaust ports with easy change filters.  These Quality parts are why we build in years of reliable operation for Remedy R21i control customers.

Windows (Professional) Operating System:
Using Windows basic professional removes all unwanted software items that are not related to the operation of our R21i Control.  We make sure that only required software is loaded into our controls.   A high speed Intel processor and again only industrial components are used throughout the Remedy R21i control.

LCD Sizes:

Remedy offers both 15 and 19 inch Color LCD Screens.  Touch screens (Optional)can be toggled on or off for customers that may have problems with oil and/or coolant on the operator’s fingers – this causing false or double hit issues.
The LCD is a separate unit for the computer making it easy (4 screws, 2 plugs) to remove, replace or service the LCD.  Should you ever have a problem with a R21i component -most parts are plug and play for fast and easy replacement.
Remedy supports you with our –R21i 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty – We have you completely covered!


Our industrial CNC controller is listed to operate from 0 – 120 degrees. As stated our computer control operates on very low voltage (24 Volts) which does not create heat. Heat being a loss of energy, over time it also causes deterioration of the electrical components, the PC and wires get hardened in the control cabinets. Using our locally sourced industrial grade PC hardware is only one of the many improvements in the Heart of the Remedy R21i industrial control.

Control system cooling:

Air flow is very important to the life of every control and we have huge 4×4”or 8×8”industrial fans and vent units. Both have easy to replace filters and they are put in both our control and the magnetics cabinets. High air flow, 150 CFM will keep everything inside your control cabinets cool and our filters will keep it clean. In Heavy duty Yaskawa controls we offer a 8×8 Fan and vent having 300 CFM of air flow or you can our choose to add our optional AC Cabinet chiller.
Our Breaking Resisters are externally mounted with a Heat shield so that no additional heat is created inside our magnetics cabinet.

OPTIONAL:  Remedy offers an AC Heat exchanger for machines that are not in climate controlled environments.  We understand that it is important to keep all of the electronics under 100 degrees 24/7 for longer life and proper operation. This AC unit is also field retrofitted by your Remedy Service team if your needs change or for new owners where this option may now be required.


A huge 8 gigabyte SSD and full size SATA drive allows you to keep hundreds of files (programs) at the machine, and you can easily back them up using our multiple USB ports and a key drive, or use the optional LAN port. This solid state hard drive eliminates all problems from moving parts. This was the case in older hard drives units and these are also improvements in longevity from the later flash cards that were used.

For advanced 3D machining we have high speed look ahead with super-fast fiber optic closed loop drives and motors. The flexibility of the Remedy R21i control system allows us to control small to heavy duty motors and control all size mills, machining centers, Lathes and more. Remedy offers Delta: axis motors, drives and Spindle inverters as standard equipment on many of our machines. Yaskawa electronics are offered on our larger, Heavy Duty Machining Centers and are optional on smaller machines.

Remedy R21i Improvements to a Better Design:

Industrial Hardened Control with color coded electronics. All“R21i by Remedy” control components are designed for ease of service by the customer, local service technician and/or your Remedy dealer.

Remedy Schematics are easy to follow and show parts and numbered wires, all with power related color coding making it easier following and to locate items. We use circuit Breakers everywhere in our control, as fuses are old school. International OSHA and NFPA Color coded wiring and hardware: 24 Volt DC are (BLUE) Blue/white is 24 common, 110 VAC are Black – 110 VAC common are White -110/220 high leg are Red-Ground is Green and/or G/yellow stripe. We have followed the industrial electrical format making our control one step closer to OSHA code acceptance by design.

Standard equipment: Delta or Yaskawa Motors, Drives and Inverters. Each Axis has a single drive reducing and repair costs over previous all-in-one multi axis drive units. We keep Delta items in stock here at the Remedy PA facility for fast replacement and reduced service times if anything is ever needed.
Your machine tool uptime is very important and is only part of our quality commitment to you.

Quality electronics and our better design are why we can offer you our 2 Year parts and labor warranty!

Easy to Use:

Centroid’s (Intercon) Conversational programming –the ease is second to none and is standard equipment. You will be cutting parts day 1 with this Powerful and very easy to learn control and it has many canned automatic operations. Drill, tap, bore, rectangular, and circular pockets, are only some of these easy to use canned cycles.

You program using conversational English, Centroid’s Intercon allows you to answer machinist questions and then at a press of a button, instantly you will have Fanuc style G-codes to cut the part. Intercon can read your DXF files (optional item) and this also makes a conversational program and G-code to machine the part. Edit if needed, and or do a machining time calculation for so that you can quickly and accurately quote the cutting time. Program parts right at the control or offline at your office desktop PC.

Powerful graphics, 2D, 3D, Zoom and Run Time Estimator.
Simultaneously watch your cut in action on the LCD. Download your G-Code program, and then see a graphic display of what the codes will do, graphically check the cutting path before any chips are made. Read in a DXF file and watch it come up on our graphic display, then you can quickly create a conversational program and quickly create a Fanuc style G-code program. Machine run time estimating is a standard feature of our graphic control assisting in accurate machine time data for quoting.

Remedy Retrofit Control Package:

Remedy R21i controls with Centroid software can operate as a 3 or 4 axis units. Our complete control package comes with motors, drives and inverter when retrofitting our control onto our new or your used iron. Remedy R21i controls only use new motors and drives we will not work with your used and existing motors. Manual or automatic spindle operation, automatic lube system, flood and/or mist coolant systems are only a few of the optional items that can be driven from the control. The unit is flexible and can easily be upgraded with any of Centroid’s software options anytime.

We always offer In house Training, additionally you get a Training CD and our website has control training sections.
Now our customers can Log onto our website to use our Centroid videos that offer training by topic.

Remedy R21i controls are complete. Both new machine or retrofit controls for CNC ready iron, and/or control replacements on existing iron. Remedy is focused on only – industrial workplace control applications

Remedy’s industrial controls are for professional applications.

We recommend that Hobbyist’s refer to the website and look at the Acorn controls.

RemedyR21iMill Control Feature

Low Voltage Industrial CNC PC Control
15” or 19” Color LCD – (Touch screen Optional)
Intercon Easy to use Conversational Software   
DXF File import and conversational machining


Industrial Windows Operating System
2D & 3D Graphics with cutting time estimator
Auto Tool changer control – Mill & Lathe controls
Irregular Pocket Clean out with Islands

Graphical Math Help – Pictorial help with Automatic value transfer to your program
Automatic Mill Round and/or Circular and Rectangular Pockets with automatic cutter compensation
Frame Mill – Face Mill – Thread Milling – Lines and Arcs with Auto connect
Multiple Drilling cycles types: Deep hole, Peck drill, with easy Automatic Bolt Hole and Line drilling
Cutter compensation 200 sets for both Height and Diameter
SUB- program and repeat programmed events with or without offset, mirror image or rotation.

Centroids Intercon Conversational system and has our graphical interface helpingthe programmer understand what each programming question applies to in the automatic cycle. It is fast and easy. Remedy R21i controls all run on – FANUC STYLE G-CODES– so your Cad-Cam system is compatible to program a R21i.


This picture shows the Centroid pocket routine on  	an older Centroid M400 control
This picture shows the Centroid pocket routine on an older Centroid M400 control

Recall and edit – Add event – Delete event – Erase Program

Line / Arc Intersections Line / Arc tangency Polar Courtesan transformations Calculator Math/trig Centers, points radii and angles of circles.

Jog the machine to a position and auto copy the coordinates to machine: arcs, pockets, and point moves.

A series of lines and arcs defining a circular or rectangular pocket, with all materials removed from inside, with finish cut. Multiple Islands may be entered inside the pocket. Finish cut is provided to these Islands.

Conversationally completely machine odd shapes

Tool Diameter Library – Graphics 2D and 3D Display – Self Diagnostics – Travel Limits

2D and 3D color Graphics – Back plot of G Code Programs –Machining Time Estimate


  • Industrial Based PC Control w/Std. LAN, USB Ports
  • 15 &19 inch Industrial Color LCD with Graphics
  • G-Code Back Graphics and Run Graphics while in cut mode 
  • Standard G and M Code Programming
  • Pentium CPU Speed, Reads 600 Blocks per second. (Fanuc Style 97% Compatible)
  • 8 gigabyte Solid State Memory * Replaceable Battery Memory Back Up system
  • Massive 8 Gigabyte Program Storage
  • Updatable Software
    (up to 5000 programs, or program size memory limitation) Absolute/Incremental, Inch/Metric Programming
  • “No Pause” 3 axis Constant Velocity, High Speed Machining
  • Least Increment Input…………. 0.0001”
  • Control unit Keypad with Tactile and Audible Feedback
  • Manual Feedrate Override :…… 5 – 150 %
  • Continuous and Incremental Jog keyboard Pushbuttons
  • Menu Driven Program Editing and Modification
  • Machine Feedrate Display is Multi-Functional: 
  • Programmable Automatic Corner or Radius
    Actual IPM during machining on the LCD Screen. slowdown
    Shows Override setting when the machine is idle.
  • 200 sets of Tool Radius and Height offset values * Courtesan and Polar Coordinate Programming
    Plus and Minus Tool length offset values
  • Program Dwells
  • Automatic Tool Length setting (200 sets) Optional TT-1 Unit 
  • Manual Data Input (MDI) via Keyboard
  • Multiple Absolute Zero’s G54 to G59 6 are std.
  • Math Help Screens
    (Optional: 18 sets total)
  • Machine Parameters may be “Locked” to Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • The R21i Can run HUGE Programs (With Optional Unlimited File Size Software)

Motor and Drive Features

Centroid 3 Axis Microprocessor, upgradable to the 4th Axis
Standard:Delta AC motors and Drives, High speed Fiber Optic Closed Loop Drive System
Simultaneous 3 axis linear machining on any of the up to 4 axes.
2 Axis Circular interpolation of any 2 axes
Limit switches on all axes in both directions. Software Travel limits, that provide pre-machining travel limit scanthat will call out any over travel before machining starts
Helical Thd. Milling Interpolation

Backlash Compensation and Axis Drag detection and Graphing
This feature gives us the ability to tune up your machine, keep accuracy records on file, and or retune the control to your machine as the years of
use increase the wear in the your machine. We can change backlash,
drive drag and more features.

Easy file transfer w/ USB & LAN.
Quickly and easily load G code programs and DXF files into the control with a USB thumb drive.
Downloading large G-code part programs generated from a CAD/CAM system is now fast and simple. The control automatically recognizes the USB thumb drive and a drive letter shows up on the load menu.
You can even graph the G-code part programs directly from the USB thumb drive to identify the program you want before downloading into the control!

USB drive support is a standard feature.
Ethernet LAN connection, and MPG connector are optional features of the R21i CNC control.
Run most windows compatible hardware: Webcams, Microphones, Speakers, Keyboards, Mouse, USB backup drives, Wireless devices etc.

DP-4 CNC Touch probe is made in USA with Centroid patented technology
DP-4 CNC Touch probe is made in USA with Centroid patented technology

The CENTROID DP-4 CNC Touch probe is designed for Probing (part setup, zero location setup, and CMM type measurement of part geometry, component/fixture/work piece setup, inspection and 3D or 2D digitizing/surfacing.

An affordable, accurate alternative to expensive Renishaw touch probes.

The DP-4 CNC Touch probe is made of stainless steel and is made in USA with patented technology. Unlike other probes, the DP-4’s low trigger force allows the use of small styli for maximum detail and accuracy. Commonly used on Milling Machines, Machining centers, Router and Turning centers.
The DP-4 is a state of the art mechanical design and is compatible with most any CNC control that has a PLC input for Probes. Previously sold exclusively for use with a CENTROID CNC control, now the DP-4 is

available for use with other CNC controls such as Fagor, Haas, Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak, Mach3 and many others.

The bottom part of this photo is the original, (in blue wax) is the reproduced part and on the PC is the G code back plot graphics of the digitizing data that was automatically created by CENTROID's CNC Digitizing.  G code sent directly to the milling machine that cut the part. The data you see on the screen is not manipulated, it is raw digitizing data generated by the Centroid control, nocad/cam was used in this example. However if more extensive editing to the shape is needed it is easy to export the data to most CAD/CAM systems for further editing. Note: Files can be transferred to other centroid equipped machines as well. So you can digitize on one machine and cut the digitized file on multiple machines at the same time for mass production.
The bottom part of this photo is the original, (in blue wax) is the reproduced part and on the PC is the G code back plot graphics of the digitizing data that was automatically created by CENTROID’s CNC Digitizing. G code sent directly to the milling machine that cut the part. The data you see on the screen is not manipulated, it is raw digitizing data generated by the Centroid control, nocad/cam was used in this example. However if more extensive editing to the shape is needed it is easy to export the data to most CAD/CAM systems for further editing. Note: Files can be transferred to other centroid equipped machines as well. So you can digitize on one machine and cut the digitized file on multiple machines at the same time for mass production.

TT-1 Conductive tool measurement.
Set up your tools in a quarter of the time that it would normally take! If you often machine short-run parts and are always setting up and tearing down for a new job, the TT-1 Auto tool set will save you time while more accurately setting your tool height offsets. With the TT-1 you can create more parts per hour since the tool setup is so much faster. You’ll even save time when you have to replace a dull tool with a new one in the middle of a job. The TT-1 is completely automatic. Press “measure” and the tool will automatically touch off the TT-1 and set the tool height offset in the tool library.

Coordinate System Rotation: CSR matches the machine to your vise.
This option is made specifically for the machinist who is constantly breaking down and setting up new fixtures and vises or very large parts. By simply touching off two points along the edge of your fixture, the control will automatically rotate the machine coordinate system to match your fixture/part angle, saving you time and money. With CSR your vise, fixture or part does not have to be lined up square with the machine, CSR eliminates aligning the vise with an indicator. CSR is very accurate. Job set in minutes. Both automatic (with the CENTROID DP-4 Probe) and manual touch off set up can be used.

Make threads on your mill with Conversational Thread Milling.
A canned cycle in CENTROID’s Intercon conversational.
Large diameters? No problem.
No Lathe necessary.
Make: Inside, Outside, Right and Left hand threads
Multipoint and single point tooling supported
Fill-in-the-blank programming with graphics
English or Metric
Multi pass generation is automatic
Machine threads not possible with a tap.

Centroid offers full servo 4th axis tables and index tables

The Remedy R21 iIndustrial and Centroid M400 specifications differ in many ways as listed above.          Both Controls are Great and have been designed for differing applications.

Remedy Lathe Controls

The R21i-industrial Lathe Control by Remedy can be retrofitted to any CNC lathe that has a tired, older or dead control.  Contact Remedy for more information about upgrading your Mill and lathe controls.