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Torque-Rite Power Draw Bars

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RPDB- R8 Maxi Torque-Rite Power draw bar for Manual Mill w/R8 Spindle: ……………. $ 555.00
RPDB- C30 Maxi Torque-Rite Power draw bar for CNC Mill w/Cat30 Spindle: ……….. $ 595.00
RPDB- C40 Maxi Torque-Rite Power draw bar for CNC Mill w/CAT40 Spindle: ………… $ 575.00
RPDB- NMTB40 Maxi Torque-Rite Power draw bar for CNC Mill w/NMTB40 Spindle: .. $ 575.00

Remedy is proud to offer this American Made power draw bar for our New Remedy machinery, Atrump, Anilam, Bridgeport, Proto-Trac and many other brands of Manual and CNC mills.  The standard kit when purchased included all of the items pictured below.

When Ordering we need to know your machine brand, and the tooling type you are using.
Namely: R8, Cat30, Cat40 or NMTB40. This way we can properly size your draw bar and
send the correct length, and thread size to you with your purchase.

After the Sale service:
Remedy is always here to help with installation guidance when you order from us.

We service all Maxi Torque Draw bars. From any Machine and any age unit.
We have a long history of working with this PDB unit, and the American made quality of this unit allows us to repair any issue that you may be having.

Please Contact Us Regarding Repairs: 215-540-0404 or RemedyMills@gmail.com

Members can use our Phone assistance to determine which item in the system is causing your issue. We can guide you to do it yourself (DIY) service or ship it to us for fast repairs. These repairs will be quoted at that time on a case by case basis as there are many items to be discussed to better help you.

As Always, We Have The Remedy For Your Problem