Hard Drive, Flash card and SSDD Memory issues

It is known that in all PC based controls, the memory unit will someday fail. We have always stated and instructed our customers, that you need to back up your data.
See the link bellow to the instruction sheet – How to Back up your files and Make a Report

If you turn on your control and just get a black screen, and the normal red lights of the jog panel are on, it could be that your memory has failed. It could also be your CMOS Battery, Power supply or some other technical issue.

If your Control still has a Hard drive in 2021 – It is definitely time to change it!
If your unit has failed and you lost all of your programs – maybe we can help and save you.

Many customers have already had the Hard drive replaced with a Flash Card and again you could be having memory issues. We understand your pain with this recurring problem.

We understand and we can help you !

We have the technology to get your data off of your damaged drive – 90% of the time.

We will replace the card and drive with todays highest quality products available. As lower priced
flash cards used in the past have a higher failure rate.

We can re-install your software and system files.
We can often save you machining programs, however there is an extra charge for this because of the time needed to capture this data.

Some controls can be updated to a SSDD, shown below.
This is only if your motherboard processor will accept this new technology. We will not know the answer to this or your options until your unit is on our test bench.

We will contact you and give you all of your options once we have bench tested and evaluated your system.

Memory issues should be tested in our service center laboratory. However some customers may only want to send us the damaged flash card and controller board.

We will be consider this on a case by case policy. We want to help you.

Shipping your unit to Classic Repairs by Remedy – See our RMA policy and Shipping directions as they are located Item 1&2 and in multiple places on this W/S.

We want the entire M400 Control. This The M15 unit can easily be removed.
way we can test your unit for any other issues Please make sure to label all of the that may be present. wires when you remove any control.

Each Repair could need separate items, so we are listing them here. Please remember that tax’s and Credit card charges may apply and are additional.

Member Estimated Costs:
1) Replacement Flash card with Centroid software: ……….………………. $ 500.00
This base charge is for a new card programmed with base line control data.

2) Replacement Flash card with Centroid software:
Recovery of your lost files from your damaged memory: …………… $ 900.00
This is when you send us your F/C and PC Board, we then recover your data
and send you a new High quality flashcard and print board with your recovered data.

Please Note: If there are any other problems in your system, other than the Memory unit.
These repairs are extra and not part of the memory card charges listed above.

3) Shipping your System to us for a check up, Memory and system repairs.
This could be the best option for many customers. In this option we can assure that your control is returned tested and ready for operation. All system repairs are completed and the control is operated on our shaker table for 6 hours.

We have to quote this repair when your control is on our test bench.

Optional: Software version upgrade to a newer version. P.O.R.

Or Call Us At (215) 540-0404