Including Models: M4 – M15 – M39 – M400 Dox/Linux/Windows

We can fix and replace any type of battery your system has.

Note: Please do not attempt to unsolder the battery chip from your motherboard.
Do not cut the chip in any way. Because once you damage the motherboard it is
very difficult and much more expensive for us to repair. These M/B are very old and
very difficult to find to replace it. Most often the M/B is damaged beyond repair and your
system is then trash.

Why use Centroid Repairs: If you have looked at the picture set of our facility, then you have seen that we have all of the advanced equipment to do all repairs correctly for you. We can remove the old chip using our laser. This assures you that the M/B does not get overheated or damaged. We then install a replaceable chip socket. Plug in your new Battery chip and reset your BIOS.

Second battery type is a round battery, soldered onto your M/B. We install a single or double battery socket so that you can easily change the battery in the future. Again we reset your BIOS, test the system and return it to you.

We can change this battery – for between $ 200 to $ 400.00 in most cases. This is only if you have not attempted to replace it yourself and damaged the M/B.

If you already attempted the price can go up to $ 2,000.00 or higher and this makes the repair to costly in many cases as these are old computers and a upgrade may be a better decision.

The picture sets below show.

We test all systems on our vibration table and run up to 3 axis motors, we check spindle output and all limit switch’s while your system is vibrating. These tests run for hours, are videoed to assure you that we have completed the repair correctly. Also the system is turned off for 12 hours and turned back on to make sure that the battery is operating correctly and holding the BIOS settings.

Pictures: M15 Front, Mother board, Replacement sockets, Bar repair attempts, Battery sockets.