Become a Member of Centroid

Phone service rates:  Block of time is 1 hour, this includes up to 3 service calls: …..    $ 250.00

The Members area cannot be accessed until a one time membership payment has been purchased.

For Purchases By Check, Mail Check Payments to our office:

ECEDM & Remedy Machine Sales, LLC ®                    

Ed Tremblay
2 Sunflower Rd.
Levittown, PA 19056            

E-Mail me @:         

When you join the Centroid Repairs family, you receive the many benefits that are only available to our members.  We may not have sold you the machine that now requires our services.   Your membership enters you into our database of Centroid Users and builds your customer profile with us. 

Becoming a member of “” is the only path to our services.

People have asked us why they need to be a member.  Here are some reasons and services you will gain access to.

a) We have a new clean high technology PC repair facility.

b) We will save you money doing repairs verses being offered a complete system replacement at a higher cost.   We fix items that other service facility’s do not and/or cannot  – Fix it,  don’t replace it.

c) You may require faster service than the factory can provide to you.  We provide fast turnaround times for all of our repairs. We can keep you up to date on your repair status.

d) We fix many items that other companies cannot fix.

e) We have the High Tech equipment to make quality repairs for you.  We also stock many parts here.  We have multiple sources for the older parts that your system may require.

f) Your dealer may not be able to support your control any longer, because of retirement, they closed or that they  are not offering the repairs you need.

g) The costs for our continued employee education and training.

h) We did not sell you your machine and membership covers costs for us to build customer data files needed as you are a new customer who will have access to all of the Remedy Services we provide.

We feel that these reasons and many more that are not listed justify the small charge to become a CentroidRepairs Member.  This is a nominal (1) one time charge.   Many other companies; EDM, other machine and control companies charge much higher registration charges to owners of a machine tool.

1) Service, as a member you are eligible to call and email us for help, additionally we will know who you are, your  machine tool, Centroid control that you have, Hardware details, the software level you have and have your service history.  This way we can help you faster. 

2) In the future, we will be offering members special deals on products and services.

3) Your membership is not transferable and it is only active for the control Serial number that is registered with your membership.  If you have multiple Centroid controlled machine tools, Call us for details on our Multi-machine discount that is available.     Call Remedy for details.

4) We will only service customers who are in good standing with Centroid and their dealer.

We trust you can easily understand our membership policy and see the value offered when you join us