Very Important – Back Up Your Files

If you have a Memory failure you will lose all of your programs.  This can mean       

hundreds of hours of work are lost forever. You will be upset, if you don’t do this ! ! !

We may be able to recover them, cost $ 750.00!

      Save Money, Back up your CNC files on a Memory Stick or 3.5 inch disk.

      It’s Fast, it’s easy, it’s even fun to do.

     Back Up your files the first Monday of each month or at the very least, every 3 months.

Key Drive: Note Key Drive Size needs to be 256 MB or more.

Watch for the blinking light in Key when it is plugged in.

        You can make a folder in the key drive with a date name for easy reference !

    Step 1: Insert key into exterior port  (Wait 15 seconds for CPU to acknowledge hardware)

    Step 2: Press (F7) Utility

    Step 3: Press (F5) File Ops

    Step 4: Press (F3) Import/Export  

                  Directory appears (Arrow) down to (a:USB Storage)

    Step 5: Move the cursor to the file desired using the arrow keys

    Step 6: Press (F1) Toggle  Place a (*) at the desired files

    Step 7: Press (F3) Import/Export

    Step 8: Arrow up to the A:\ Prompt (Go to location)

    Step 9: Press (F10) Accept

Floppy Disk – Old school –  Backup requires additional Hardware 

             Exterior USB-Floppy drive (See Your Machine Quote this Optional Item)

          Get (2) 3 ½ inch floppy disks.   (Any staples, Office Max, or Computer store)

     Step 1: Insert Floppy drive plug into exterior port 

                           (Wait 15 seconds for CPU to acknowledge hardware)

     Step 2: Insert a Formatted disk into the external Floppy drive,

     Step 3: Press (F7) Utility

     Step 4: Press (F3) Backup                                   

     Step 5: Press (F2) CNC or press (F3) NC Files

     This will compress all files on your hard drive and put them onto the disk, or disks as required.

     The computer will tell you how many disks you will need.

      Keep a second set of back up disks on file in your office.

      Back up, Set 1 month 1,  –  Set 2 month 2,   –  Set 1 month 3,  –  Set 2 month 4, etc.