Centroid CNC10 for Linux Manual Set




Centroid v2.70 (Linux) Mill Operator’s Manual (14.2MB PDF)
Centroid v2.70 (Linux) Lathe Operator’s Manual (10.5MB PDF)
Centroid v2.32 (Linux) Mill Operator’s Manual (5.1MB PDF)
The pagination in the 2.32 Mill PDF file is wrong. For best results when printing double-sided, print it in pieces as follows:
1. Print pages 1-3 single-sided (cover and info sheets)
2. Print pages 4-151 double-sided (TOC through chapter 10)
3. omit page 152
4. Print pages 153-248 double-sided (chapters 11 through 15)
Centroid v2.32 (Linux) Lathe Operator’s Manual (4.3MB PDF)