We at Centroid Repairs replace capacitors and all Surface mounted devices (SMD) on motherboards often. These are not easy repairs and today these parts are very small.
Many items need to be considered, thought out and prepared to successfully make a replacement and repair. We have the equipment needed to do this work. Special heat guns, heat reflecting tape and metal guards that absorb excess heat and channel the heat exactly where it needs to go to do the repair correctly.

We have all of the proper equipment to work on the older (Larger) PC boards and it is paramount to have this equipment on today’s micro boards that we repair.

This work is not easy to do. Inexperienced technicians can easily damage your parts.
If you attempt a repair and fail, we cannot always repair these mistakes.
Older boards are very hard to locate and replacements may not made or available any longer. Smart dealers and Ebay sellers understand that these boards are in demand and they are charging a premium for old stock, and many times not even stating that they work or that they have been tested. Buyer beware.

We continually search for replacement parts for our stock. This is how we can service you better.

If you have control problems – We have the Remedy you need!